Glass Restoration

Like a window cleaner I am sure you’ve encounter many home windows which are so stained, hazed or cloudy that despite you’ve scrubbed and squeegeed them, they still look filthy. You realize the home windows I am speaking about?

The sad factor is the fact that no standard professional window cleaning methods and techniques can perform anything to create a window like this come clean.

It is because the staining has really etched itself in to the top layer from the glass and therefore embedding the stain permanently within the glass.

This case is known as Glass Corrosion and when left unchecked, not only will it be a watch sore to appear through, but it’ll also find yourself costing your customer lots of money later on.

The thing is, when glass becomes corroded, there are just two possibilities…

Switch the Glass or Restore the glass.

Replacing glass is extremely costly and for that reason restoring the glass is an infinitely more attractive choice to the client, nevertheless the trouble with this really is…

Almost 80% from the window cleaning companies around do not know how you can correctly restore a window, and individuals which do are jealously guarding the techniques… and why should not they…

Glass Restoration is a big Profit Source for individuals knowledgable. Actually, glass restoration services average $150 each hour and almost it is totally profit.

If you’re not supplying a true glass restoration plan to of the question cleaning customers, it’s reliable advice that you’re departing an enormous slice of money up for grabs and passing up on probably the most lucrative window cleaning contracts.

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