Five ways the super-rich show their power

For the mega wealthy, it’s not the size of the house that matters, it’s what goes in them that make the difference. But a lot of the properties owned by the rich have several things in common. Below are a few of the more popular features found at the properties of the wealthy.

  • Open floor plans – You won’t find a lot of individual rooms other than bedrooms and bathrooms in luxury properties. Most modern mansions have open floor plans so that owners can continuously update and change the layout whenever they desire.
  • Water feature – indoor/outdoor pools are another common feature in luxurious homesteads. Being able to take advantage of a pool in any climate is something that rich people like to do. Enjoy sitting around the pool at any time of the year, day or night, rain or shine, heat or snow.
  • Multiple homes – Real estate agents say that many wealthy people buy multiple mansions around the globe. When they travel, it is like staying in their personal hotel room. Many mega mansions sit vacant for most of the year while their owners travel around the world.
  • Private help – Not just any private help like a housekeeper, but we’re talking about private chefs, private personal trainers, and private pilots. And when the homeowner travels, so does their staff.
  • Things you don’t need – Think extravagant here. Bowling alleys. Basketball courts. Personal IMAX theaters. Helipads. Personal restaurants. Everyone has a different taste and why not enjoy your favorite activity in the privacy of your own home at your beck and call.

And many of the properties of the super wealthy are hidden away from public view. Most are hidden by towering walls, ivy covered iron gates, or security guard protection. But most luxury house builders uk agree that what is inside these mansions are truly unique and that owners like to splurge on things that they don’t have to go out in public to enjoy. But yet most mega wealthy individuals drive common luxury automobiles instead of the luxurious Bentleys and Rolls Royces. Instead they opt for their own helicopter or private jet.

In today’s world of the mega millionaire, luxurious properties are becoming more and more common. The power and opulence is often off limits and shared only vicariously through the media. But the statement is there that money made the mansion. And it is up to our imagination to dream of what’s inside.