Doctor Will See You Now

see my angels and guides speak with me through the letters and figures on license plates. It began a lengthy time ago and it has elevated in the intensity in the last five years. The greater I listen/see and act, the louder and much more precise their messages get. With that sunny day my guides were voraciously speaking in my experience about my health insurance and well-being. Figures, Letters, Sayings appeared to be tossed at me right and left. I even stated aloud… Whoa Nelly everyone are crazy today. Home plate that actually experienced my attention was one which stated “IM DOC”. I understood it to state Internal Medicine Physician. My first fearful thought was AH OH I am sick, however i rapidly ignored that thought. I’ll try how to describe the gorgeous flow of awareness that originated from that drive. The understanding and understanding that was presented on me via that conversation with my guides.

The interior medicine physician which i had been called to make contact with wasn’t “Dr. Normal”, MD focusing on Internal Medicine. I had been being advised to go back to my Inner Physician, the presence that resides inside my heart space, the director of my truth and my health insurance and well-being. I had been being forwarded to my “Inner Shaman”. In this particular space resides the magnificence of my being, the traditional knowledge and encoding of my perfection, the solution to our outer dis-ease. The thing is I have started to realize that the outer is simply a more sophisticated illusion, a sometimes ugly story produced through the false self (parasite, ego). The discomfort, illness or discomfort that could permeate my earthly is a fantasy. I understand, I understand, that it doesn’t seem like a fantasy, but it’s just a different way to draw attention away from me from my true essence.

After I create a weekly as well as, daily appointment with my Inner Physician I go back to my perfection. After I release and switch my existence to the pure love that resides in this particular space, the worry and discomfort of the illusion starts to dissipate. Through the development of a far more conscious presence within my everyday existence I heal my outer illusion. I actually do this through practices known as connecting for your Inner Shaman as trained by Jose Luis Stevens along with other shamanic practitioners.

A couple of in the past I had been because of the daunting message which i ended up being to “heal the healbot”. I didn’t know very well what I had been designed to do, who I had been designed to heal and lastly how was I designed to heal them? About this day I saw that message inside a new light. “IM DOC” also equaled I’m Doc. After I opened up my Reconnective Healing practice I grew to become the healbot. Now i know that it’s inside my ability to heal myself and also to facilitate healing for other people. I’ve selected to align myself and become been trained in Reconnective Healing, energy healthcare that facilitates a re-link with our innate capability to heal a person’s self. With the allowing of my Inner Physician to educate me to heal myself, I’m able to transcend the archetype from the wounded healbot of alternative treatment or even the god complex of traditional medicinal practises. I’m able to disassociate myself from individuals who be taken in by behaviors and teachings which are self-abusive and dis-empowering. I’m able to truly have empathy for individuals who’ve been blinded by archaic teachings that let them know that they’re insufficient or that they’re not worth. Self-healing is all about personal accountability, it’s about knowing, owning and allowing our inner healbot to transcend, transmute and transform our self-restricting beliefs.

Have I struck a chord, are you currently wondering if this is often true? I understand that my interactions using the Inner Healbot have solved the problem to higher see, receive, interpret and use the synchronicities, symbols, dreams and signs that my guides produce. These interactions have lead me with other healers, to physicians, to natural treatments, to conversations and also to nature that have all been superbly healing. It’s through this inner walk that i’m on my small transformative journey, my road to my totality. About this journey I have found our oneness, our link with all things creation. I’m the origin of my wholeness. I’m only you are me.


When I was finishing the final touches about this piece I received a phone call from a family member to inform me that her family member had been identified as having a metastasized cancer. My first egoic response ended up being to seem like I possibly could not proceed with this particular article. Would not it be disrespectful to individuals who’re reeling using the prospects of the diagnosis? And So I sitting silently and linked to me, to my Inner Knowing. The storyline remains true. This family member is presently out of whack together with his inner perfection. Something in the existence has produced the illusion of cancer. Even when I had been to become identified as having a fatal condition tomorrow after which died of this condition it might be a fantasy. We’re perfect we’re produced within the picture of our Source. Within my transition that’ll be appreciated when i join the superbly balanced energy of oneness. To individuals who’re hurting today, I give back love, I give back peace and that i encompass you using the brilliant illuminating passion for our creator. Remember what you are. Remember your link with perfection. You’re the incarnation of affection and you’re loved.

Are you prepared to forget about what you’ve been result in believe, to tear some pages from your book of law and venture inward to a different understanding? Forget about old conditioned ideas and behaviors. It’s time to consult a real professional. Don’t delay make a scheduled appointment today together with your Inner Physician, your Inner Shaman, your Inner Knowing, the God within. I’ll help you within the waiting room.

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