How to Create a Good First Time Impression When Selling a Property


The first impression is one of the major key players as to whether the buyer will pursue your house or look for another. Visually, a property must be appealing in order to attract and encourage a sale. Therefore, whether you are someone who sells his or her own home or an agent, you must know that sprucing up a property is crucial to prove that the property deserves the asking price. Here are some ways on how you can create the best first impression that would entice potential buyers.


  • Prepare an appealing exterior.

Since the exterior of the house is the first thing seen by your potential buyer, you have to make sure that it looks inviting and not unfriendly. Maintain the lawn mowing and ensure that the driveway is also maintained. Tidy up any clutter and reorganize the landscaping as needed. Also, make repairs as necessary.


  • Do not forget the interior.

A good property seller such as Chancellors estate agents knows that the interior is as important as the exterior thus you can find plenty of examples of how a good property listed for a sale should look like. That being said, you must also make the interior appealing by shaping it up. Like on the exterior, clear the clutter and put away some of the furniture in the storage area. Keep everything as clean as possible. Doing this will make the house look more spacious and organized. This is a good way to get the elusive good first impression.


  • Perform the necessary repairs.

Shaping up the exterior and interior of the house is simply not enough. You also have to perform the necessary repairs so as to give more value to the house. This will also make a good impression to the buyer, as you will appear to care enough to ensure that the house is already in a moving state and all they need to do is settle in and enjoy the new house.


  • Give your house a new look with minimal changes.

You can boost your property simply by creating a style to your rooms. You can purchase new decorations such as curtains or cushions and new paintings that will significantly change the interior or will add new features and boost the current interior design of your rooms.
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