Condos and Townhouses

There’s lots of confusion concerning the variations between condominiums and townhouses. They share many similarities, which appears to cause this confusion. Even among property professionals we frequently learn more opinions than details.

So, let us begin by clarifying, condominiums or condos are a kind of property possession. A townhouse is definitely an actual type of building.

A condominium is better referred to as “the idea of possession of merely one unit of air space inside a multi-unit dwelling, together with co- possession associated with a common amenities (entertainment centers, pools, etc… ) and customary regions of the structures and land of all unit proprietors.”

Townhouses are usually attached structures of two or more tales with common walls. They are a form of that old “Brownstones or “Row Houses” prominent around the new england.


Townhouse possession means that you own the dwelling together with any connected land. So who owns a townhouse might have absolute possession, just like a single home.

Here’s where things obtain a little confusing. It’s not unusual to possess “condominium possession” of the townhouse. Quite simply, the dwelling is really a “townhouse” as the possession is “condominium”.


Possession and customary areas would be the primary variations between condos and townhouses. You are able to really have absolute possession of the townhouse along with the land (yard) connected by using it. Inside a Condominium you simply own the “air-space” inside your particular unit.

The proprietors of the condominium development each own the same share from the “General Common Elements”. Including the structural aspects of your building roof, walls, halls, clubhouse, pool, etc…

Inside a townhouse community, any common elements are deeded towards the Home Proprietors Association (HOA). The townhouse proprietors are an element of the HOA try not to own a desire for these components.

“Limited Common Elements” are where we have seen a departure between townhomes and condos. Limited Common Elements are just observed in condo possession. They are stuff that are meant for the utilization around the individual unit proprietors. Parking spaces, garages, balconies and patios are types of Limited Common Elements. Although these belong to all the unit proprietors, they’re restricted to using specific owner/s.

Inside a townhouse the balcony and garage are really of the townhouse owner. The exception to this is if your “townhouse” style house is owned like a “condominium”.


Both condos and townhouses are what is known “Common Interest Communities”. A “Common Interest Community” is a where common property is maintained through assessments and dues.

Due to the Common Interest Community designation, we have seen lots of confusion. The simplest way to keep in mind the variations is that this, a condominium is a kind of property possession along with a townhouse is definitely an architectural style.

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