Advantages of PRP Facial Injection

Admit it, we’ll do anything to look younger and beautiful.  We’ll try anything from vitamins to different kinds of beauty products—all promising to make our skin rejuvenated and young looking. But, these days, PRP facial aka vampire face lift is what’s in. It’s getting popular, mainly because celebrities are using it.  PRP stand for Platelet-rich plasma. It’s used to address skin folds and improve the overall appearance of aging skin.

The procedure is drawn from the patient’s blood to obtain platelet-rich plasma for the PRP facial injection. Platelet contains various growth factors that stimulate the healing and also regenerate the skin. PRP facial is now widely used to make the face look bright. This new cosmetic procedure is touted and used, often as an alternative to dermal filler.

PRP facial injection for aging men and women

Aging starts from childbirth and it is something that we cannot control. But the look of an aging face and kin can be prevented with in various ways. We’ve heard about anti-aging creams, lotions, gel, and many more and we have all tried it. We may have found some very effective, but some may also be considered a waste of time. It’s because not all beauty and anti-aging products work with everyone. What works for me and you may not at all work to your friends. And there are various reasons why this is so, such as different skin types.

PRP is a little less risky because it’s an autologous procedure; your dermatologist will used your own blood. The PRP is injected into your face or areas around your face to improve its condition. The injected PRP will work by encouraging growth hormones and collagen. Collagen works like glue, it bonds the whole body together. As we age, collagen production decreases, and this is one of them main reasons why our skin sags and our muscles weaken. But these signs of aging can now be delayed with the used of beauty products that contains anti-aging substances, and by using PRP facial therapy.

Advantages of PRP facial injection

PRP is a natural process of eliminating wrinkles, blemishes and skin imperfections. If you are considering PRP facial procedure, don’t expect to see the result in just one injection. Advantages of PRP facial includes:

  • Makes skin fuller
  • Minimize wrinkles
  • It makes skin tighter
  • It makes your face look younger
  • Improves healing
  • less risky

How many sessions are required?

Your doctor will tell you how many sessions are needed to get the result you want. But usually it takes, 3 sessions and the session will be a month apart.  Some doctors will recommend another 3 months of treatment. So, the number of sessions will actually depend on your skin type and condition.

When can you expect the result?

The full effect of PRP facial will be visible after multiple sessions. It could be weeks or even months.  So, it would be best to be patient. Wait for at least a few months.

While PRP therapy is an autologous procedure, there are still potential disadvantages. Be sure you understand the procedure before undergoing the process.